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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBarjo
SpeciesBorder Collie
Height5 feet four inches
Weight122 lbs
SummaryBarjo is somewhat curvy, but hir form isn't athletic or pudgy, just somewhere in between with C-cups. Hir hair comes down just above hir upper back, it usually isn't brushed.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTypical black and white fur coat for border collies. On the left side of hir face is a discrepancy in hir fur pattern, the black spot on the left is slightly misshapen.
Hair ColourDark/dirty blond that's usually kept short
Eye ColourHazel
ClothingIs usually seen wearing pants that are a sight too big, shi has to hold them up with a free hand. (Or get a belt) Barjo typically wears shirts that don't hug hir frame, though on occasion shi'll wear snug fitting apparel. Shi also wears a pair of old, ratty, black tennis shoes.
AccessoriesJust a small lucky coin, a phone, a pocket knife, and a key ring.
WeaponryHir fists, feet, claws, and fangs.
Special AbilitiesRarely, shi'll sometimes see into the future in hir dreams, shi has also been practicing with form and size shifting, shi can now switch between anthro and feral forms, as for size, shi prefers shrinking.
Outstanding Features"What in the hell you lookin' at?" *Nothing to see here, move along, move along...*

Personality & Background

PersonalityBarjo is somewhat shy, shi usually doesn't talk to other people, preferring to go unnoticed. Shi will, however, talk up a storm, or at least try to, if someone approaches hir first.
BackgroundBorn overseas, Barjo spent hir first years in Europe. Hir family then moved over the pond, living in the Lower 48 for a short while before heading up north.
LikesVideo games, science fiction/faction, reading, writing, being outside, talking, watching the sky, photography, swimming, biking, hiking, running, jogging, walking, sparring/fleeing.
DislikesNeedless killing (Unless it's a bad day), racists "I'm prejudiced against racists!", intolerance.
LocationNorth Pole, Alaska. "Please, PLEASE...support our town by buying these cheaply manufactured Ulus that came from China!"

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