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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShadow the Shadow Anthro
SpeciesShadow Anthro (As in the KH critter)
Gender... None, XD
AgeThats a mystery.
HeightUsually five feet, but it varies
Weight... See Height, Default 120lbs
SummaryShe's just trying to find her way in the world, that's all.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack!
Hair ColourThe smae inky black XD
Eye ColourGlowing Yellow
Clothinghttp://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-91547409642223_2050_18236932 (Err... Something similar anyway)
Accessorieshttp://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-91547409642223_2048_27844367 , http://crystal-cure.com/pics/pend-spiral-tiger.jpg , http://crystal-cure.com/pics/chain-18snake.jpg, http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-91547409642223_2048_45381118
Weaponryhttp://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-91547409642223_2048_34155009 , http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-91547409642223_2048_45895644 , http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-91547409642223_2048_21642164
Special AbilitiesSizeshifting, plus some terrakinesis. That's about it
Outstanding Features... Who else has inky black skin and glowing yellow eyes?!

Personality & Background

PersonalityShadow does like to tease a bit. Beneath her hard exterior, all she really wants is to be accepted for who she is.
BackgroundShadow only remembers the past 15 years of her life due to an amnesia attack that long ago, though she knows she must be much older. She is currently in a Japanese High School, mostly to re-educate herself about things she has forgotten.
LikesRPGS, Video Games, CATS!!!
DislikesShadow dislikes it when people run away from her or hug her too much. She also has a slight dislike for veggies, and because of a previous incident refuses to eat anything with wasabi sauce on it.
LocationTokyo, Japan
Occupation... Does selling wood carvings count? XD

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