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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDemonDragonVixen
Height777ft(small) - 144000ft(normal) - ???
SummaryThe demonic side of GiantGrowingVixen, for those days when she loses control, when she gets sick of the attention she seems to get in her other form, when evil possesses every fiber of her being and consumes her utterly. For a while the two sides of her battled for control of her body, the demon is a powerful one and GGV knows she couldn't contain it forever. The two forms became one and now they coexist together, instead of fighting they work together to unleash the forces of evil, or at least they look out for each other now.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStill has pink fur, she is a bit more scaley in this form with purple scales running over her body underneath the fur. Her power is far more significant in this form, godlike in fact, the demonic red aura radiating around, coursing with the flames of hell are symbolic of that fact.
Hair ColourPink with dashes of red
Eye ColourDemonic red, her eyes pierce through the soul glowing with the flames of hell that burn deep within her.
ClothingStill none :P
AccessoriesWhile still being anthro vixen, she has dragon wings which oddly enough look angelic like, the membranes are red the bones are dark black. She also has black demonic horns that sprout out of her head.
WeaponryThe powers of hell, which include among other things, fire, torture, soul stealing, etc.
Special AbilitiesGrowth still, usually perpetuated by rage or other evil forces that compel her to destroy and maim.
Outstanding FeaturesMysterious and frightening beyond reason, her sheer presence of power often shakes the very earth itself causing drastic shifts in weather patterns.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery destructive and evil, very cold hearted. Feeling the sweet sanctity of emptiness, free from all emotions, only the forces of hell compel her to do things. Often taking lives without care, a cruel and vicious being.
BackgroundWhen GGV is very upset or is pushed to the brink, she explodes with rage, undergoing an epic transformation into her demonic side.
LikesDestroying things, killing people, towns, cities, or the world.
DislikesPeople who are foolish enough to think they can stop her, or exorcise her demons :P
LocationOften residing on the moon, liking to be alone, when she swoops down and lands on the earth, well things aren't going to end well.
OccupationWorking for Satan and plotting ways to destroy mankind
Additional InfoI will kill you all