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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVulpes - Big
WeightA Lot
SummaryMany are used to big furs, but there aren't that many this big, nor this built. a staggering 16 feet, the fox must weigh alot!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is a deep orange
Hair ColourHe has dark red hair
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingHe tends to wear very little, all things considered...
AccessoriesPotions! Feel free to ask!
WeaponryHis size
Special AbilitiesAbility to grow/shrink due to "Potion mixups"
Outstanding FeaturesHis size :O

Personality & Background

PersonalityDespite his size, Vulpes is very friendly and rather shy.
Additional InfoShort, orange fur adorns the majority of the fox's chisled head, the handsome features of his jawline and cheekbones enhanced by the glossy, soft coat. Twin, green eyes are set between a broad, vulpine muzzle. A pair of black-tipped ears are almost always perked, giving a curious disposition. Black whiskers sprout from the white-furred muzzle, each long and somewhat cute.

The rest of the fox is NOT cute, as his form is simply titanic. A virtually non-existent neck, white underneath, orange on the back, leads to a pair of ridiculously overbuilt pectorals, each covered with glossy white fur, that take up the vast majority of his front. Gigantic doesn't even cut it, as the things are so huge that they impede his head movement, forcing his posture to be near perfect. If he were to flex, the expansion of muscle would force his muzzle upwards. In a field riddled with massive, rippling obliques lie eight gigantic bricks of muscle, packed so tightly together that one couldn't slip a credit card through them. His abs are harder than stone, but still covered with soft white fur.

The vulpines' arms are even more built than his pectorals, and have no hopes of hanging comfortably at his sides. His incredibly broad, overbuilt shoulders puff against his face, obscuring it partially, rivaled only by his biceps, which must be five times the size of his head. It's a wonder that he can keep those monstrosities at his sides at all, considering the huge globes of orange furred muscle combat his pectorals like mad. There's constant tension there, and his armpits are completely hidden between the folds of muscle. His forearms are massively corded, and are barely recognizable as any part of the general anatomy of any bipedal creature. Two anthropomorphic paws are equipped with large, sharp claws, and pink, soft pads.

His back is as one can imagine; immense valleys and hills of muscle, all of which take over his form, making him look like a big, muscle-bound balloon. His back, as mentioned before, is orange, while his front is a creamy white. There isn't much to say, only that it's massive in every way, shape, and form.

Finally, the foxes' thighs come, each one massive beyond belief. They puff out so severely they look deformed, and the knees are not visible between those and the gigantic calves that threaten to split his skin. A pair of black and orange paws like his hands finish off the foxes look, which is far more than impressive.

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