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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLeon Redmont

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is a dark brown with a lighter brown from his jaw down.
Hair ColourHead fur is a dark brown like most of it.
Eye ColourHis eyes are midnight blue
ClothingWears a Camo T-shirt with a black trench coat. He also has a pair of dark blue Denim pants and a pair of Black combat boots, the boots themselves haveing a metal peice on the bottom of them, the ends covering the toe and heel. Wears a pair of black leather gloves on his hands and a brown knapsack on his back and a pair of small satchels, one on each of his legs. Around his waist is a small utility belt with assorted items which include smoke bombs flashbangs shuriken throwing knives and Kunai.
AccessoriesHe has a gold earring on his left ear that has an amethyst stone set in it.
WeaponryHe carries a small survival knife on his belt. He's picked a Japanese katana called Rinshiki that can steal the powers of certain beings and give them to him, he can control if the sword will do so or not. He also has a normal Japanese Katana aswell called Jinrai a couple Knives also hidden in his sleeves.
Outstanding FeaturesThere is a scar on his back from a sword strike aswell as on his left arm There are another three scars across hi right eye. Another feature is his teeth for they are like small syringes, and have a potent venom which paralyzes who he bites and can even render them unconcious. (Depending on that persons/furs size and where they are bitten.)His teeth are strong enough to bite through a dragons scales.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is serious at times but he can also be fun loveing and mischeivous.
BackgroundHe grew up in a small village outside a large city. While he was a child he had been bullied for quite some time. Then one day he was angered badly enough and bit the fur who was picking on him, supriseingly the fur became paralyzed and he ran off soon being trnasfered to a new school he grew up like a normal fur. Years later he is now a successful Bounty hunter takeing gaurd job's aswell he is known through out his territory as "Demon Wolf." He is also known for his amazeing speed aswell as agility.
LikesRelaxation and kindness. He has a fondness for beef jerky aswell. He does Spar alot aswell.
Dislikescriminals. (most of them anyway) Any who try to bribe him if he wants the bounty on them.
LocationHe Can be found in his Mansion on Bouregaurde Hill in Gezin city
OccupationBounty Hunter/Gaurd
Additional InfoHis sword absorbed the powers of various elementals and haveing done this it gave him their powers, this means he can conjure certain elements and is even able to fly.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteAnother one Bites the dust...