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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLucy
SummaryLucario pokemon morph. lucario/anubite jackal. has typical lucario features minus the spikes. usually dresses in egyptian garb when at work in the gentlemans club. at home she wears tripp pants, tank top and house slippers. this includes irc channel wear. red trip pants, leopard print fuzzy house slippers. she is clawless, but still has very sharp teeth.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourtypical Lucario pattern, torso looking like a yellow fuzzy vest. in her case this is true. but the "lucario pants" thing is not. she is very much an anubian jackal, as well as a lucario. blue fur over most all of her. navy blue solid all over. Darker navy blue on hands and feet extendign from her elbows and knees respectively.
Hair Colourno Hair perse but fuzzy headdress looking things hanging down from the back of her head. maybe some longer bang like fur strands of the same color as the rest of her just before them.
Eye ColourRed
ClothingEgyptian style dress similar to what one would belive anubis to wear for when she works the pole at the gentlemans club, although she usually wears nude colored nylons in this case so she has more to throw off. these muse be returned to her after the show or she WILL hunt you down. Otherwise she sits comfortably in a pair of red tripp pants, some manner of undershirt, and a pair of fuzzy leopard print house slippers.
AccessoriesStaff with ank on tip as well as bust of anubis type canine. this staff has the power to shrink, produce increased bodily fluids [sweat, urine and even naughty juice], and otherwise cause a male to be at her feet and beck and call for the weirdes things.
Weaponryher left eye, should she attempt to use it, will turn saphire through and through and she has the ability to control ones clothes at this point. she can taylor them in anyway she desires. this could be fun.
Special Abilitiesdifferent types of chocoalte and sugar do different and sometimes random things to me. as my "master" uhg stupid roo, he's fun though. he didn't really CATCH me since I'm not full pokemon. but he kindof adopted me and i gladly take his attentions as a valuable member of his crew. also. those dumb red and white balls, they don't work on me. in fact they make me mad and I use them as projectiles back at you. an ddon't try with you master, ultra, safari...whatever type ball, the result is the same. dumb trainer kids. one REALLY got showed. but we won't talk about him.

Personality & Background

Personalitybubbly. playful, somewhat mischievious.
Likeshaving fun in her own little ways.
Dislikespolitical faux pau furs. i.e. nazi, ruski commie, etc.
Locationloanly and loathing in Ohio
Additional Infochocolate and sugar of any kind. it makes her energy go crazy and allows her to do many things. growing and such. even to the point of jedi powers.