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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGrey-Fur
SpeciesWolf/Fox (Wox)
Summary'And You Thought THAT Was Weird...'

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourmixture of Grey, Light Grey and White Fur. Tail is of that of a fox, but grey.
Hair ColourDark Blue
Eye ColourBright Green
ClothingNormally a black/white t-shirt with an long sleeved purple shirt underneath. Also wears blue jeans
Accessories2 ear studs in right ear
Special Abilitiesnone
Outstanding Featureseasy to spot in a crowd as his left ear droops down

Personality & Background

PersonalityAn affectionate, friendly guy who enjoys to make people laugh. Can be seen as weird by a few people. Always gives people second chances
BackgroundMother was a Wolf and father was a Fox. Born in an seaside town in England. Has two older sisters and two younger brothers and sister. Seems to be out of place with them and so doesn't get on well with them
LikesSleeping Sushi Pear Cider Anime Cuddles Sci-Fi Rock/Pop
DislikesWaking up Beer Most Vegetables
LocationSouth of England
OccupationCollege Student

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteStays Crunchy, Even In Milk

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