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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRedski
SpeciesRed Siberian husky
Weight210 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed fur on the back (thats red as in Ferrari red, not that rust red) and white fur on the front
Hair Colourred/white
Eye Colourbrown
Clothinga gay looking hawaiian shirt, jeans or shorts, and a rainbow ring necklace. Or if I'm in another mood, shirtless, with a pair or shorts or a black spandex tank top and shorts
Accessoriesrainbow ring necklace, sometimes a watch if I don't forget to put it on in the morning lol, always have my cellphone and iPod with me, gotta stay connected ya know ;P
WeaponryI don't like to RP that much but when I want/have to, I carry a .357 Magnum, 12 gauge shotgun, a MP5 sub machine pistol or a AK-47 (aka a Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947) and I guess that a Chevy Suburban counts as a weapon lol (irl I drive a 05 Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7L hemi)
Special Abilitieswell I have the ability to stretch and grow, aka get bigger and smaller (some furs know how I use this but in a PG way, I'm innocent damnit! D:"
Outstanding Featuresmy red fur and kinda big curly tail o.o it be fluffy lol

Personality & Background

Personalitykinda bouncy, a little hyper and goofy. I love to tell jokes and make people laugh, but other times (like if i've had a bad day) I can be a little annoyed and anything anyone says. so dont take it personally D:
BackgroundBorn in 1993, I was raised in the area of Chicago by my parents, I'm still a growing puppy and I have a lot to learn. Raised in a community full of doctors, lawyers, stock brokers I've had to adjust to the real world a lot over the years.
Likeshappy people, furs who are smaller than me (and bigger furs aswell) non furs who dont act like schmucks. other huskies, snow leopards :3, jackals, wolves, malamutes, folf's (fox wolves) cars (I was raised with cars all around me) airplanes (I've flown real planes before, 05 172 Skyhawk SP G1000) I've got around 300 hours :o and inflato-furs, fat furs (who dont act stupid, I've got a few fat fur and inflatable fur friends) pilot furs, auto furs, school (I BE A NERD :OOOOOOOO) driving, playing video games etc.
Dislikesmean people/furs, idiots, bad drivers, japanese animation or anime or aounnemay or however the hell you want to say it. Brat furs, spoiled furs, furs who break others hearts, drugs, illegal activity.
LocationThe North Shore, Chicago Illinois, United States Of America
OccupationStudent, though I'm aiming for a job in the FBI, or as an EMS, or a airline pilot.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"If your going to get mad at me every time I do something stupid then I guess I'll have to stop doing stupid things!" - Homer J Simpson