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This is a pic done by a friend of mine, Swiftcutter, you can find him on FA.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameJerome
Height4foot 2in (127cm)
Weight70lbs. (32kg)
SummaryJer is a short little guy taken to wacky and zany behaviour. He is an Engineer by profession, and specializes in starship engines, specifically FTL drives. He loves a good joke, particularly mathematical, physics, philosophical, or brick.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed primarily, with light cream coloured belly and neck to chin, as well as dark reddish brown tips on his ears, tail, fingers, and toes.
Hair ColourSandy Brown, wet sand sandy.
Eye ColourLeft eye is Forest Green, right is Titanium Grey.
ClothingHis wardrobe includes many t-shirts of varying degrees of hilarity and stylishness (though normally on the left end of those bell curves), khaki cargo pants, shorts of the same nature, and his work coveralls which are blue and have cargo pockets as well and also on either breast, along with his name on the left side J. GAUHL with the acronym S.M.M.L.F. on the other, and a patch on his left shoulder with a simplified image of a courthouse strapped to the top of a rocket, flying through space.
AccessoriesOn his wrist a bulky pilot's watch, worn a tad loose cause a much bulkier person gave it to him. It is usually stored alongside his other gear in a very large messenger bag that he could hide in himself if it were empty. It's Orange and black, with the black being the water proof plastic layer. It has a buckler reminiscent of old GM cars, and a fully adjustable strap. He has a Matte White Titanium portioned Brommy folding bike with leather handgrips and stylish sport saddle, don't worry, wasn't a sentient cow. He carries his many work tools in a trailer tub for his bike, which includes a handle for going inside. He has a small sturdily built black coloured laptop that he uses for running diagnostics, it's keyboard is small and cramped for most people but just right for the li'l squirrel guy, it has a handy handle attached to it for when he's on the go.
WeaponryHe carries with him a rather large Cricket bat he's nicknamed Nigel, it's made of titanium and it's head is 145cm long by 25cm wide by 5cm thick at the edge. It has the name Nigel anodized into it in the style of the Dodgers' logo. A brick launcher. A Leatherman Everything and Skeletool. (The Everything is in his bag)
Special AbilitiesFix anything, seriously.
Outstanding FeaturesHis eyes are different, he's short.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly and comical, but really sarcastic sometimes. He's polite to people who are mean.
BackgroundEngineering and Space Travel
LikesRaspberries, smart people, boobs, round hips.
DislikesWhiny elitists.
LocationEverywhere and Right next to you.
OccupationEngineer on SMMLF flagship 'Legal Precedent'
Additional InfoNone!