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Vital Statistics!

Character NameWyvermon
SpeciesSolar Dragon Digimon
SummaryA feral looking Bipedal Furred Anthro Dragon Digimon. Has large white furred Dragon wings, long tail, a long pointed head and neck in which the top half of the head has an angular metal sculpted helmet on it with two eye holes on either side, a slender body with bird like hands and talons and 3 toed dragon feet. Orange Digital Hazard Symbol is on his back and a curved orange triangle on chest. Pointed ears that go back from the back sides of his head. Wears metal angular thigh and feet armor. His fur is white on his bottom jaw into the front of the neck, into the front of his torso, from the torso to between his legs, and also his Wings. Fur is spring green everywhere else with Orange Digital Hazard symbol on his back, curved orange triangle on his chest, orange fiery spiky mohawk from the middle of the top of his head to the bottom of his neck and long ways pointed dark grey rectangles in the shape of equal signs on the outer sides of his thighs and forearms.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMain Fur: Spring Green; Secondary Fur: White; Tertiary: Orange; Orange Digital Hazard Symbol on his Back, single Triangle on his chest, long ways pointed Rectangles that look like (=) on his thighs and forearms; Claws/ Talons: White;
Hair ColourFirey Orange Mohawk that starts from the top of his head and ends at the bottom of his neck
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingMetal head shaped helmet over the top half of his head secured by a black angular strap; Angular shin and thigh armor; Black leather yellow buckled forearm And shin straps
AccessoriesGreen/White Season 5 Digivice with Orange buttons.
Special AbilitiesEcho-Location - Closes his eyes and can sense the location of objects by sound alone; Solar Flare - Shoots a powerful ark of heated plasma at the enemy by bringing both arms together horizontally in front of himself, building up energy in front of him, then flicking both arms outward; Dragon Jump Kick - A Fiery Jump Kick Attack; Dragon Slash - A Normal Fiery Slash Attack; High heat tolarance; A storage cavity in his esophagus between his mouth and stomach that he uses to keep food stored for a maximum of 3 days with small amounts of liquid preservatives to keep it fresh before it must be passed along to the stomach. It can be used as a way of passage for people smaller than himself when he needs to carry them for long distances through harsh terrain or battle.
Outstanding FeaturesFur on his body thickens toward the end of his tail and around his feet; Long curvy black forked tongue he can use to pick up objects .