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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAngelAlbatrossVixen
Height6ft(small) - 666ft(normal) - ???
SummaryAfter making pacts with demons, GGV set on a course to figure out angels. After a long struggle, angels decided to allow her to have their powers as well. GGV feels slightly uncertain at how angels and demons can possibly find peace inside her, but she figured it was an experiment worth investigating.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStill has that gorgeous pink fur, dashed with white and silver streaks across her body. Much unlike her demon side, her aura is bright and white, very comforting and inviting to be around.
Hair ColourPink
Eye ColourBright silver
ClothingStill none
AccessoriesStill being anthro vixen, she is a hybrid of eagle and vixen in this form. Giant albatross wings sprout out of her back, as well as a halo that seems to float above her head.
WeaponryThe powers of heaven, which include healing, grace, and forgiveness.
Special AbilitiesGrowth and size changing still, however she isn't as compelled to grow in this form with how destructive it tends to be.
Outstanding FeaturesStill very mysterious, despite her ability to heal and cure diseases, she often floats around observing the world. Healing people on certain occasions while on others merely sitting back and watching those she could save be tortured, making people question what her true motives really are.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery peaceful and angelic like, kind and gentle hearted, she is quite comforting to be around. Trying best to decide how to strike judgment on those she observes.
BackgroundWhen GGV feels a bit softer or when she likes to feel the presence of grace, she'll switch to this form.
LikesObserving, helping others, healing, hugging and snuggles ^^
DislikesPeople who dislike her or deny her existance
LocationUsually floating around, soaring through the skies or hovering in the clouds above, not particularly liking to be earthbound.
OccupationWorking for the man up top.