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Jono likes getting his feet cleaned. The more the merrier! Though some get stuck on 'em way too easily!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameJonouchi Kotaro
SpeciesWhite-headed Capuchin (Monkey)
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight145 lbs
SummaryHey, the name's Jonouchi! Pleased to meetcha! You can find out everything you want to know about me either from the link below or by asking me in person! Feel free to ask, I don't mind!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown with yellowish-white in some places.
Hair ColourYellowish-white, but almost never seen.
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingA dark green vest with a black tee-shirt underneath and a pair of puce-colored cargo pants with a pair of flip flops.
WeaponryHis trusty pistol, Silex, and his trusty rapier, Acero.
Special Abilities
Outstanding FeaturesNone

Personality & Background

PersonalityJonouchi is a very playful and very sarcastic individual. He is at least moderately intelligent and often has internal struggles between his rationalism and his emotions, causing him to sometimes come off a little awkward (especially when starstruck). He is incredibly friendly and optimistic towards strangers and always operates under the golden rule, "Treat others the way you would like to be treated." However, sometimes he comes across particularly rude and impolite folks and makes a habit of kicking their asses either physically or in a battle of wits. He loves making rude and arrogant people extremely angry and childish and then promptly leaving. In that way, he likes punishing people who aren't nice, whether it be towards Jono himself or towards an innocent bystander. Jonouchi does follow some of the simian stereotypes. He does enjoy eating bananas and he is quite playful and energetic. But he is far from stupid and loves manipulating people into being the fools. He is also someone who can be a bit lonely at times, especially when he's ignored, and he loves hanging around people who will give him the same attention he gives to other people.
BackgroundJonouchi was born human in the modern world. His father was the former owner of his ship, only the ship didn't have a name. His mother and himself were also on board and served on the ship as crewmen. Jonouchi learned much from his parents through informal education. But one day, the ship wrecked itself on the shores of a mysterious land and all of the crewmen departed. The land seemed massive as did all of the objects around it. Wanting to explore, Jonouchi's father created a Security Ward using magic in order to prevent anyone from going aboard without his express orders. After a few hours, they reached what appeared to be a massive stretch of desert. It seemed to stretch for hundreds of miles ahead of them and an immeasurable distance on either side. In the middle of this desert, the ground shook. As it did, a massive shadow stretched itself over the entire crew. A gigantic monkeyboy, about sixteen years old, was running and having fun with his two simian friends until they both looked down and saw the entire crew, each only an inch tall by comparison. Grinning, they snatched everyone they could up in their hands and put them in the pockets of their jeans. There were a couple stragglers who were quickly stamped out by the massive monkey feet. Jonouchi was captured by a different monkeyboy than the one that took his mother and father. This one was interested in playing a bunch of sick and twisted games with the adult crewmen, from rubbing them under his feet to filling his socks with them to shoving him up his ass and rubbing them up against his cock, but would never let the young Jonouchi be played with. Once the giant monkey finished off all of his tiny toys, his feet and private areas stained with blood, he grabbed a hold of the frightened child and smiled warmly. While unapparent to Jonouchi, the giant monkey thought that the young kid was being held hostage by the crewmen and decided to punish them for it. He took the child in hand and returned to the beach, where they both eventually came across a tiny ship, as if it were one of those ship-in-a-bottle things. He then smiled as he moved to return the young Jonouchi to the ship. As he lowered the young child down, the giant monkey's hand touched the Security Ward. Magically, the giant monkey began to shrink down and the young child slowly became absorbed into the giant monkey's hand. They both fell unconscious. When Jonouchi woke up, he found that he was a little taller and was covered in fur. However, he couldn't remember anything about his past except that he served on the ship that lay docked right in front of him. His innate lust for adventure taking hold, he hopped onto the ship and set sail for the next adventure, having no idea who his parents and friends were, nevermind the fate they suffered at the hands of the giant monkeys. In time, he had been to several places on the open seas, but it eventually got boring. One day, however, he stumbled upon a secret switch which led to a mysterious laboratory of the technological and the magical. There were bookcases lined with various tomes and a writing desk with a single book on Security Wards on it. As he read this library, which once belonged to the person he used to know as his father, he learned more and more about the ship he sailed upon, that the last dimension he was docked at was the Isle of Ape, and all of its capabilities as well as the ability to wield certain forms of magic himself.
LikesBananas, Macros, Micros, Feet, Monkeys, Apes, Pirate Life
DislikesIgnorance, Rudeness, Onions
LocationCaravel-class ship, "Kong's Revenge"
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