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quick representation.. just to get a point across kind of... Not sure why the goggles are there.. This was a very unplanned picture

Vital Statistics!

Character NameVictory
SummaryVictory hails from a different time and planet; The same main species as Brackish and DroxEl, she can size shift when not under stress as well as fall into her feral quadrupedal form.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe is very generally colored for a red fox. Having the trademark black stockings and tail tip fading to black then back to white. She also has a distinctive black spike-like pattern around her eyes.. though most of her fur does hold a noticable tinge of filth, though not overpowering
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourAmber
ClothingShe wears a simple one strap top that is completely torn at the bottom, stopping just under his bust. It holds the symbol of the Vulpine Elites, which was a group she belonged to back where she came from. She also wears a torn skirt that she turned into more a loin cloth for herself.. Much like the rest of he species, she has no real inherent since of modesty and has no problem going nude in the middle of nowhere
AccessoriesBlack headband wrapped around her forehead
WeaponryUnlike the rest of her species, she isn't too against technology. She carries a short pole arm. She also carries a special crossbow from her own kind, the actual string is made from a foreign material that snaps back with far more force than it is pulled back with, allowing the bolts to peirce even steel, let alone flesh. Her crossbow also reloads itself using a fairly simple array of magnetic devices, allowing it to shoot about as fast as a bolt action rifle. She has adopted a small portion of human nano-tech, allowing her to have an infinite amount of bolts at her disposal. Her teeth and claws are also capable of putting a brutal beating on someone, even for her small size Her freakin' smell x.x
Special AbilitiesSize Shifting, Shear speed, Feral transformation.... ability to beg really freakin hard
Outstanding FeaturesShe was part of an Elite sub-military group and her body shows it. Training since birth she is well toned and has learned to use her speed to supplement her lack of size. She also carries the scent of a landfill..Which has a way of making others stray from her..

Personality & Background

PersonalityGenerally easy going, more energetic than need be and friendly to those who respect her. Shes fairly hard to make angry but if she suspects one is looking to upset her she won't hesitate to injure or even kill.
BackgroundAs stated, she came from a different planet and time period.. She was loosely a part of an elite sub-military group that acted more or less on there own but where still recognized as a branch of the military. She took a liking to humans when they "visited" her planet and was mostly intrigued by their nano-tech's ability to create various ammunition from thin air, which she ingeniously applied to her crossbow. She still hasn't figured out how she got here, but seems to be making the best of it.
LikesOther Size-shifters; Others that are smaller than her; Using every last weapon she has or can find; explosions and when she gets upset, she loves to see others punished brutally. Fish, garlic, dumpster diving
DislikesPeople who irk the ever loving hell out of her... Though she does love getting revenge on said people. Soap, and water
OccupationTrying to figure out how she got here with all these weird people.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWhats that smell? That is the stinch... of Victory