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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRhydian Tierista
SummaryIn short, he's a very feminine-looking tom. He'll open up to the right type, or at least open up under the right influence of drugs or alcohol. Loves underground clubs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur is long like a persian's, and marked like a tabby. His main color is pale to medium violet, stripes and other markings a baby blue.
Hair ColourHair is shoulder-length and multi-layered, razor-style. Sometimes spikes it, sometimes doesn't. Color varies, as he's not one to stick to any one color for long.
Eye ColourEyes are a warm, bright shade of gold.
ClothingHe's happiest in black, and can be found in anything from vinyl pants to long, heavy skirts with chains. Platform boots are his game, as well. Mesh shirts, or anything with lots of zippers. He gets distracted by lots of zippers.
AccessoriesA few simple chains. Leather wrist cuffs with large silver loops adorning them. Ears pierced thrice, two rainbow loops and a silver stud in one, one black loop, one silver loop, and a diamond solitaire in the other. Lip is pierced, silver hoop centered upon his lower tier. Tongue pierced as well. There are other piercings.... but that's up to any prospective partners to find them. He likes silver. ANYTHING. Buy him stuff.
WeaponryNot so good with weapons. Prefers to not fight.
Special AbilitiesHas quite the arsenal of dance moves. And is extremely knowledgeable about music. Can even speak a bit of French!
Outstanding FeaturesHis girly, girly colors. Finds it amusing when some mistake him for a fela.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCan be very friendly. He tends not to judge others before getting to know them better.
Background[ To be done. ]
LikesAnything! Well, almost...
LocationWherever the music draws him.
OccupationClub Kid. Loves it.
Additional Infois additional.