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This is how shi usually looks,

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePyxidis
Height4'1" (124cm)
WeightShi doesn't know, no one has ever complained.
SummaryShort White domestic cat with black tiger stripes, VERY kinky when shi feels like it.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite fur with Black Tiger stripes.
Hair ColourWhite.
Eye ColourWhite with Green slits.
ClothingBlack Baggy Cargo pants and a Black Tanktop.
AccessoriesShi always has hir collar on. its white leather with a black rubber topstrap, and it has three hoops that tingle slightly when shi moves. shi woke up one day with a white crystal on hir collar, when shi rubbed it shi began transforming into a stallion, by rubbing it again shi can turn back, altho shi must remain a stallion for about 5 houres before shi can turn back.
WeaponryShi doesnt carry weapons but shi loves them anyways, Hir favourite weapon must be the M134, also known as a Minigun.
Special AbilitiesCan turn into hir stallion form by rubbing hir white crystal on hir collar http://furbase.bigfurs.com/display.php?id=3636
Outstanding FeaturesHir small size, Hir Dragonlike tongue and because shi is alittle more male than the average herm shi has well toned muscles and fewer female traits.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCute and Cuddly. Always up for a snuggle. Shi sometimes can be very tired due to being a feline after all, in which cases shi may not seem so active and playful, but shi still appreciates attention.
BackgroundShi doesnt know much about hir ancestry, but somewhere back there must have been a dragon that gave hir a special tongue, its slightly longer than a normal cat tongue and has a split tip,
LocationOften on a pillow in a window, watching over the room or the world going by outside.