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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlphonse Flaubert de la Croix
SpeciesFrench Poodle
Height6 ft
Weight195 lbs
Summary[Removed - block of text, summaries are intended to be short, mature content removed]

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAlphonse has a dense, tightly curled coat which, owing to his proud Poodle ancestry, he wears in the traditional Continental clip. His face and neck are shaved bare, and his headfur is neatly trimmed. His broad chest and shoulders are left furry, the curly coat giving the appearance of a half-jacket. Ending abruptly below his sternum, Alphonse is shaved from his belly and lower back right down past his groin and buttocks to his legs. His arms are likewise shaved close. 'Pom-poms' of white fur grace his forearms and calves. His tail is shaved at the base, but the tip sports a similar pom-pom of curly fur. His dense white coat is luxuriously soft and springy, and his shaved areas nonetheless sport a very short, downy soft fuzz of canine fur.
Hair ColourOwing to generations of good blood, Alphonse sports a coat of fur as white as virgin snow on his head, chest, and pom-poms. Where he keeps it shaved close, the color of the fur is replaced instead by the pinkness of his flesh.
Eye ColourAlphonse sports wide, curious amber eyes that seem to sparkle in the sunlight.
ClothingAlphonse finds that clothing tends to get in the way of the many fun activities he enjoys engaging in on a regular basis.
AccessoriesThough it certainly does nothing to diminish his unintentionally feminine image, the large poodle sports a number of expensive-looking rings on each of his hands.
Outstanding FeaturesWhat, you mean a buff, studly male canine sporting a ridiculously froufrou'ed coat and a large amount of shaved pink skin isn't outstanding enough?