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For I am the Gate way. The passage between life and death, through me a thousand souls live. Through my past lives a thousand souls have died.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKazuma
SpeciesPanthera onca
SummaryPanther is every bit as wicked as he is beautiful. Long threadlike strands of black hair, cascading down from upon his head, to embrace his form. He sits quiet and observant with Sapphire eyes, cold as ice, said to be able to run a chill up ones spine should his brilliant gaze be met. Most will find him with a most inviting, white grin of pure sin pressed over his dark thin lips. Do you dare converse with The Wicked One, allowing his forked tongue to play its honey sweet melody upon your ears? Dareyou be held within the dark sinister serpent pupils, that are as mirrors, reflecting the finest details? Have you the weakness to enter the Devils warm soft embrace of temptation?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack
Hair ColourJet black
Eye ColourColors of the rainbow I'm a mood ring
ClothingJeans, T-shirt, Hoody
AccessoriesOne floral Mask, one red seed, one blue seed, one white seed, one brown seed. One yin-yang seed.
WeaponryClaws, teeth, seeds
Special AbilitiesPassive Mood ring eyes Eyes are the doors to the soul beware what may enter Active Deception Beware what may fall off forked tongue for sweet be the love of this beast Passive shield- his body is always defending from magic, or psychic attacks.
Outstanding FeaturesEarthmate. Simply put hes very Very in tune with the world around him. The Earthly realm that is

Personality & Background

PersonalityKazuma is a profoundly unhealthy person and falls into one of two basic categories: If he was abused as a child, he has a soulless feeling about him. The abuse disallowed him from looking internally for his identity. He never discovered his true self - in effect, he has no identity. As a result, he has been lost, not sure who he is, all the while trying to keep the hatred of the abuser contained. At this point in his life, his dam's about to burst. Kazuma becomes self-destructive and feels anything he has created should be destroyed as well. When he lashes out at others, it comes immediately back to him in a self-destructive way.
BackgroundKazuma is a product of a childhood where he disconnected from his care-giving mother figure. Somehow this figure failed this child, not being there to nurture when bad things happened, usually abuse at the hands of relatives or peers. This caused him to be a little less people oriented, relying on distractions and involvement to keep his mind off the infraction. As an adult, he maintains that difficult task of avoiding the anxiety within. He has always been very involved with the world and is materially successful. Although others can see he is troubled, he doesn't see it that way. Life has been good to him. For example, he tells others he had a great childhood, which we know isn't the truth.
LikesCandy? Turkey and maybe a steak
DislikesAbuse, being used
LocationIma jumper
OccupationGuardian, The seal of Earth- Bound Guardian Three
Additional InfoIm a mood ring?

Just for Fun

Favourite Quoteif thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee

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