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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAqua
SpeciesAnthro Vaporeon
Height5'10 (varies)
WeightIm not telling (varies)
SummaryAqua is a human that was captured and experimented on, changing her in to her current form. She managed to escape one day, and has gotten used to her new life

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourEntire body coverer in a rubbery like skin, blue in coloration, like any Vaporeon
Hair ColourHas dark blue, short hair
Eye ColourRed
Clothingusually wears a form fitting black shorts, half way down to the knees Also wears a strap on top, as she can't wear shirts due to her Vaporeon features, usually white, or a darker shade of her body colour
AccessoriesHas none as of yet
Special AbilitiesWater Absorb: Like all Vaporeons, she can absorb water into her form, allowing her to grow larger as she does. Her's is a bit different however, as her ability is always on, having to focus on pausing the ability to stop the ability from working. Can also will the water absorb ability to go faster
Outstanding FeaturesIs an Anthro Vaporeon

Personality & Background

PersonalityAqua is a bit on the playfull side, and likes having fun with others
BackgroundWas a human called Angie, untill she got experimented on by a secret, elligal group. Ever since her change, she renamed herself to Aqua
LikesFriends, Growing, Macro, other Macros
Dislikesdoesn't dislike alot of things

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