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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRyla
Height130 cm (4 feet 3 inches)
Weight73 kg (161 pounds)
SummaryRyla is a short adorable digitigrade black-furred vixen with a dark gray underbelly, socks, and gloves. Emerald green eyes peer out of her delicate-looking, pretty face, framed by a mop of midnight-black hair which falls in an almost anime-like fluff down to her butt. Massive oversize fennec-like ears adorn her head. Her body sports a rock-hard, supertight, lean look, with tight muscles everywhere visible through the thick, luxurious, super-soft fluffy black fur. Offsetting this tight look is a pair of truly huge breasts. Very wide hips and a big butt leads into massive, heavy legs and big oversize footpaws. Also oversize is her long fluffy tail, looking almost two times too big for her body.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA deep jet black with medium gray down her front and tipping her tail; gloves and socks in the same medium gray tone. Beneath this thick, luxurious fur her skin is also a deep black with blueish-purple highlights.
Hair ColourA midnight black incredibly shaggy fluffy mop that makes an unruly tumble down to her butt.
Eye ColourWide emerald-green slit pupil eyes
ClothingRyla wears a silvery-gray vest closed over her prodigious front by five strips of velcro-like material. A silver collar with a small glowing pendant in green adorns her neck, visible through the open collar of her vest top. On her wide hips she wears a pair of shorts the same color as her vest top. These are tailored to allow her huge, fluffy oversize tail free reign. A set of glossy black fingerless gloves with knuckle studding and the back of the hand armored, and a set of low black armored boots meant for digitigrade footpaws that look a lot more like armored sneakers than anything else completes the ensemble.
AccessoriesRyla carries a small advanced PDA/Smartphone/Comm system with her, allowing for all the functions of a personal computer, personal assistant, cellphone, music player, and recording unit.
WeaponryA set of narrow, long, curved daggers made of ceramet (ceramic-metal composite).
Special AbilitiesAs with all of her kind, Ryla can convert energy from one form to another, losing a tiny fraction as heat. However, she can re-express this energy in any number of forms, including focusing it for use as a weapon. Some forms of energy are inherently dangerous, though; like gravity or any radiation in and over the X-Ray end. The energy output CAN be coherent (ie a laser/maser/graser/xaser beam).

In addition, Ryla can float, canceling gravity, and can move at a good 450 kph (280 mph) about through this method. Lastly, Ryla can teleport from one place to another, provided it has been seen at least once previously, and its' relative location shown or intuited.
Outstanding FeaturesCute, short as heck, very curvy, super-tight build, and hyperfluffy super-soft fur. She is quick as lightning, and essentially dangerous if she really wants to be, though.

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuiet, but willing to converse. Ryla is remarkably familiar with an incredibly broad variety of fields, from cybernetics and bioethics as they apply to such, to aerospace, piloting, and the normal domestic life. Open to discussion, she likes conversations of most sorts.
Unlike many furs, Ryla, like all her kind, is also deeply in touch with her instincts, thus may sniff at things and people to learn things from their scent.
BackgroundJust your average everyday black vixen, just one in insanely good shape with a few extra abilities.
LikesRelaxing times, chances to indulge her curiosity.
DislikesCrowding, too many people, loud noises.
LocationWherever she roams
OccupationDeep Interstellar Scout
Additional InfoRyla is familiar with several forms of piloting, including various deep space vehicles up to large corvette-class vessels, though she has little skill in commanding a crew. She is also an accomplished and skilled mecha pilot, specializing in her people's unique high-speed, ultra-high-maneuverability melee-oriented mecha.