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Vital Statistics!

Character NameEmber Natsuki
Weight72kg. (About 160lbs)
Summary[Removed - block of text; summaries are meant to be short; mature content removed]

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur color is a soft tawny brown. Ember's markings are distictive, she has a stripe down her spine all the way to the tip of her tail. She has two stripes that start right under her breasts and end at the tops of her legs/hips. She has a wide V shaped marking across her bust which has dashes off to each side.
Hair ColourLong dark black with bright pink tips, her tail fluff is the same way.
Eye ColourHer left eye is a sky blue with red shadowing around it, and her right is is a emerald green with a deep blue shadowing around it. She also has four beauty marks under her lovely eyes, which help provide a border for all that eye shadow.
ClothingHer clothing tends to change alot on her mood, but her constants are almsot always her gloves and thigh highs. Embers Gloves and Thigh Highs: Her gloves and thigh highs are always balck leather with a white stripe at the top, followed by a colored or non-colored netting. Her gloves may be full gloves with white fingers, or fingerless. Her gloves and thigh highs also can be short, to the knee or elbow or long, to her mid-thigh and mid-upper arm. Her thigh highs may be full stockings, where her feet are covered, or they can stop at hte arch of her foot. Her boots are normally a dark red leather that zip up the inner side. The boots reach almost to her knees. On the outsides the feature a black star outline, the boots also have O rings on the top and bottom [Censored - descriptions must be PG-13]
AccessoriesEmber features several peircings on her body, all of her, [Censored - descriptions must be PG-13] piercings are made from rubies or feature rubies. Her collar also holds a ruby heart for the tag and it may be black or white leather. Of her piercings she has:: Two ruby tongue studs; Two barbells in her ears, near the bottoms, featuring ruby balls on the end; both nipples, each with a ring that features two thin chains ending in star cut rubies; her navel is pierced, it has a dangling chain with a heart on it; [Censored - descriptions must be PG-13]
WeaponryEmber uses mixed martial arts and ju-jitsu to fight at close range. But her personal preference is the mass assortment of throwing daggers she weilds. She is accurate up to an inch from seventyfive yards.
Special AbilitiesEmmy is a skilled pyromancer and tends to use these abilities alot when fixing drinks at her bar or with boredom.
Outstanding FeaturesEmber's breast milk and [Censored - descriptions must be PG-13] are both a warm honey color in nature, and have the affect on most people to cause swelling and growth that lasts for 2-3 days in the chest and [Censored - descriptions must be PG-13]

Personality & Background

PersonalityEm's is very outgoing and bouncy, and she loves attention and being held. And though she is a very sensual and sexual being, she isn't turned on by random sex that much, and would much rather like to know someone before blowing them, to be blunt about it. And she is O.C.D. about light switches.
BackgroundEmber grew up in the rural Nagasaki bay area. She has no parents and stayed in an orphanage till age 14 when she left japan all together, she made a long stay in London till she was 22, living with a foxy vixen who ran an auto shop.
LikesBreasts very big, or loli sized. She loves to read and write, she loves Rubies, music dancing and THE COLOR RED. Her favorite food is sushi.
DislikesAnnoying people, gangsters, insensitive people, and indesisive people.
LocationCurrently traveling the States.
OccupationBartender at the Trance club BlackLite

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteSuck my balls, Mr.Garrison. Suck My balls.

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