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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMalkovich
SpeciesSolar Wanderer, now Anthro Ferret
SummaryBorn in some distant universe where the photon flares of a primal sun evaporated into a primal ooze, there came forth a race of Solar Wanderers. The longer they live the more powers they possess: transformation, creation, destruction and so many others. Malkovich is one of such a race and is travelling from reality to reality searching for more powers to learn of and develop within himself. He has chosen the form of an Anthro Ferret in this particular anthro-furry world and hopes to discover more and more as time progresses.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFerret Form: White/Grey Fur // Human Giantess Form: Caucasion
Hair ColourFerret: White // Human Giantess: Brunette
Eye ColourFerret: Green // Human Giantess: Green
ClothingFerret: White shirt and a long black coat, jeans // Human Giantess: White Blouse and Black Trousers
AccessoriesWhen he wears his coat, he possesses many items of worth.
WeaponryHis powers
Special AbilitiesHe is fairly God like now, with reality manipulation being his newest acquired power; he learnt it in a universe of 3 inch tall fellows with a strange society that worships iron. He can maniplate nearly anything he pleases however all his powers fade when he is around people he finds attractive, especially when he is smaller than them. Also, his powers, instead of fading, can act irrationally as well.
Outstanding FeaturesNone, apart from his form occasionally.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCheeky and mischievous but will only change and alter people if they are willing
BackgroundBorn from a Solar Flare in a distant universe Malk gains new abilities as he ages turning him into a semi-god, but one that would never use such powers on others who do not wish it upon them.
LikesChanging others and watching how they react to such situations; Building new realities; Exploring ( ;) )
DislikesHaving his powers stripped away (however I love to RP this)
OccupationExplorer of Reality