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Vital Statistics!

Character NameThray "The Silverdine Beta" Grimmrule
SpeciesWolfkin (Werewolf)
SummaryThray is a very abnormal Were-wolf. After a rough tangle with a pair of hunters, Thray was wounded and could not revert fully into his human form to hide. HE became stuck between the two. He can no longer revert to his human form and remains in his full wolf body. But for some reason in the mix-up he retained his calm rationale human mind. He is one of the oldest of wolfkin, one of the orginal "Children of the Moon." His actual shape shifting was controlled by the phases of the moon back when he cold. But around the late 1700's in a battle to the death between his pack and a group of hunters, he was mortally wounded and watched his pack die. Unable to revert back because of a silver infection in his wound, he stayed wolf for the whole month. And when the next moon came and he started to change, he has only recently gained the power to phase one more. After a grueling process involving a newborn Beta pup, those of the generation that can morph at will. he has recently been able to turn back to his human form.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey on the chest and Blue/black on his body, a thick charcoal color, his body fur is a bit shaggy.
Hair ColourThick shaggy grey/silver mane that blends into his fur.
Eye ColourA mix of amber and emerald.
ClothingIf any, he wears a loincloth and vest.
AccessoriesHe has a metal cap over his front right fang.
WeaponryHe has his brute strength, his razor sharp nails. He is also skilled with blunt gauntlets, bladed gauntlets and dual war axe's.
Special AbilitiesHyper regenerative properties, phasing abilty during the .03seconds of form changing.
Outstanding FeaturesHis shear body mass of nearly 500lbs of shear muscle.

Personality & Background

PersonalityGruff, a little antisocial. Though around smaller sized women he tends to get a little softer personality. His sheer size tends to turn most people off of him though, so he bothers not with those that arent going to stick around.
LikesShort girls, soft in all the right places. Either submissive or with a slightly dominate edge.
DislikesMost people.
Locationformer resident of Scotland
Additional InfoHe is a scottish wolfkin of the Original 6 that started teh out break. * Build: Muscled * Member: 17 inches in length 3.5 Inches in thickness

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