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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSetoria
SpeciesOcelot/Succubus (A.k.a Occybus)
Height6 foot 8 inches
SummaryThe four-foot-eight ocelot that Setoria chose to inhabit isn't always to her liking. When this is the case, the demon makes herself more prominent, and, as a result, can cause some drastic changes to her form and mind. Her goals are typically very simple in nature.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe same fur pattern that her counterpart has stays with her, but there is some difference: she has short red fur with black spots, some closed, some open with dark red in the middle, and some forming lines across her body. Others form full and half rings along her tails.
Hair ColourRed.
Eye ColourDark red.
ClothingIf you manage to come across her while she's still wearing something at all, it will be much like the outfit she wears while she's more ocelot than succubus. (See Lilac.)
AccessoriesYou'll never see her without the small, yet spacious trunk she calls her "toybox". It's far larger on the inside than it looks from the outside, and it can be an omen of both good and bad.
Special AbilitiesAs a succubus, she has a wide array of abilities she can call upon to help do what she needs done. She's not even aware of them all, herself. Some of these abilities include different magics she can transfer with a bite, while others are more physical, like the tendrils she can create from her tail. (The later can get out of hand, and can cause her body to change entirely. See Setti.)
Outstanding FeaturesThe orange strip seen on her counterpart is black now, and where there was once one tail there are now four. She has two horns that protrude from her head, and occasionally has small wings that grow from her back. Her muscles are slightly pronounced, but not enough to take away from her feminine form. She has somewhat large paws, and strong claws.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFar more assertive than her counterpart, but still concerned to see friends and others happy. Given that she only appears when Lilac herself is in the moods for her to be, she is often loving, but somewhat 'evil', too.