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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSaeko
SpeciesGold Dust Day Gecko
Weight110 lbs
SummarySaeko is a 4' tall gold dust day gecko. Petite in all ways, she makes up for it in her bubbly attitude. Usually wearing a comfortable pair of jeans and tee shirt, she's all about relaxing and having fun. Smooth green scales cover her from head to toe, with bright blue markings and a smattering of orange speckles here and there. Her belly, creamy white is much smoother than her dry scales. Silky orange hair tops her head, falling just past her shoulders. Most of the time, Saeko wears it up in a ponytail, but now and then, she'll leave it down. Her figure is rather boyish with only a slight curve to her hips, she barely fills out an a cup bra. To accentuate her tiny breasts, each nipple is pierced with a thin gold ring.