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Image done by Silver K. Swift. Chibi Padfoot sleeping soundly.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSilver K. "Padfoot" Swift
SpeciesMalafox (Alaskan Malamute/Golden Red Fox)
Age1 year and 7 months. [18 in human years]
Weight115 lbs
SummaryPadfoot is a sled dogfox who dreams of becoming a famous best-selling author and to become the new Walt Disney. She enjoys going to raves and conventions, drawing, listening to music, hanging out with friends and Ammy, and of course, dog sledding. But she has an obstacle in her way. It is a secret that has been in affect for generations and has NEVER been told; the secret of being anthropomorphic.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA pallet of brown, beige, yellow orange-beige, shades of light gray, mustard yellow, and white. Nose and pawpads are a mixture of dark gray and pink.
Hair ColourBeige and shaded light gray. Spiked when anthro.
Eye ColourIcy blue when anthro. Amber tan when feral.
ClothingNone, usually. Sometimes will wear her Art Institute hoodie, a couple of rave/cybergoth dresses, a bikini, or a ninja uniform.
AccessoriesA plastic opal turtle necklace, a brown leather collar with a small silver lock on it, an over-sized silver wolf ring, neon lime green claw caps (claws tend to split), a black & white OR black & red plaid bandanna, dark brown sunglasses, and [will soon get] a nose ring.
WeaponryA Bhengada [custom fictional two-bladed sword].
Special AbilitiesCan morph from feral to anthropomorphic form, can pick up paranormal activity, and can morph to any one of her three separate selves depending on her mood.
Outstanding FeaturesHas two beauty marks/moles on the left side of her face: a small one near her eye and a bigger one on her cheek bone. Also has a brown pawprint marking on the left side on the back of her hip near her rump.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy, puppy-like [will also make puppy-like noises], random, compassionate, the jealous type, has trouble with trusting others, protective, cautious around strange places, individuals, and situations, easily amused, easily pleased.
BackgroundSilver was born in a normal litter of 5-7 with an unlikely pair of parents. Her mother is an Alaskan Malamute and a retired sled dog. Her father is a wild red fox who has golden buff fur and tends to eat out of trashcans and dumpsters. Silver was named so because of the patch of silvery gray mane on her back and neck. Her owners had decided to keep her and two of her brothers [Kiska and Pika] and sell the remaining siblings. Their oldest brother, Rokki, was given to a handicapped solider in the United States Army as a guide dog. Her masters tried countless names that would fit her as a good nickname. They had tried Silverback, her real first name - it was later shortened to Silver. They tried Grayback but neighbors kept thinking she was male. They tried Quicksilver since she had the unnatural talent for speed. Finally, they settled with a name that wouldn't confuse her and her team; a name that was simple and easy to remember: Padfoot. Padfoot started puphood by going to obedience school, dog sledding 101, and eventually had begun running the pack secret. Pets like Padfoot's team and many other housepets and wild animals around the county had a secret: when masters and humans were near, they acted as how humans would naturally see them - ferals. But, when the humans were away, they would be feral. A secret transformation very similar to the movie "Barnyard". After Padfoot had gotten to a certain age - a little over a year old - she started high school, which for anthro housepets weren't uncommon. That's when she joined the sled team and went under Roro and Anaka's rule. Before a sled tournament, Padfoot decided to be a part of Club Japan [after school activity]. There, she became face to face with a young lone alpha. Over time, she fell for him until finally she gained enough courage to confess to him when he started looking for a mate. They've been together ever since.
LikesDrawing, dog-sledding, raves, spinach, going to conventions, faeries and folklore, nature, cold-moderate climates, forest enclosed spaces, munchies [snacks], baked food items, neon lime green, earthy-neutral and earthy-bold colors, arts and crafts, canids [and animals in general], animation[/s] and animated movies, role playing, writing, reading GOOD books, watching fantasy and thriller movies, hanging out with friends and her mate, her mate <3, BJDs [ball-jointed dolls], change [both literally and the money-type], anthropomorphic art, ghost stories, camping, swimming, listening to music, having fun, fursuits, fursuiting/mascoting.
DislikesBeing called "Princess", shades of pink other than hot pink, ignorance, lack of courtesy, lack of common sense, rudeness and bluntness, drama and oversensitivity, being mothered by other individuals, scary movies, open spaces, hot and warm climates, individuals talking negative irrational things about her mate, being yelled at.
LocationUsed to live in Michigan. Now thrives in Maryland ready to take on the animation world in the fall in Arlington, Virginia.
OccupationHigh school graduate; writer; future animator/college student; is one of the team dogs on her dog sled team.
Additional InfoHas a fox hand puppet named "Kevie", is starting a hobby with BJDs (ball-jointed dolls) {receiving one for graduation & buying the other one in the future - WILL BE UPDATED}, is fascinated with the behind the scenes of animated movies like "Coraline", is writing a novel series and hopes to animate it, LOVES works from Holly Black, hopes to animate her novel series, is also sensitive to the paranormal. Padfoot also has 3 different separate sides: Nymphida "Kaizen" [her demonica], Darkaieto "Kaieto" [her depressed spirit], and S'kas "S'ka" [her spiritual soul form]. Only her mate, Amarok "Ammy", has seen her in Kaizen and Kaieto mode. Her spirit guide, Kamari, and her spirit pack has seen her as S'kas. [S'kas also has 2 forms: feral and humoid.] Her full name is Silverback Kai Swift, but it was shortened to Silver Kai Swift.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"It's the flaw that makes one flawless" - Silver K. Swift

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