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It's him in the fur!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRocky "Limbershadow" LaRouge
Age17 Years of age
Height6 Feet and 3 inches tall
Weight180 Pounds
Summary.... RAWR!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack with red going down him from his muzzle to his abs, and on his paws.
Hair ColourWhite. Pretty long too.
Eye ColourMaroon, bright red when angered.
ClothingA Long black treanchcoat, black bootcut jeans, a black fedora, and a pair of black sunglasses. ((No shirt!))
AccessoriesA fedora and some black sunglasses
WeaponryHe can materialize anything he wants, but he keeps his katana on his back.
Special AbilitiesPyrokenisys, Materialization, Transformation, Invisibility, Superspeed.
Outstanding FeaturesThe flame on his tail. That's it ^^

Personality & Background

PersonalityCan be very hyperactive, Caring, self sufficient, random at times, selfless, short attention span, murderous if severely angered, seemingly bottomless pit. ((Eats a lot)).
BackgroundReally long..... I'll post it later
LikesDry places, Hot places, Sunbathing, sparring, swordfighting, rock music, playing his guitar.
DislikesWater, cold things, winter, windy places, precipitation.
LocationWhere the road leads
Additional InfoRAWR!

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Live by the sword, die by the sword, eat to your hearts desire!"

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