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CheshireGrin Showing fun loving side, and her "Cheshire" side.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameCheshire Grin
Height5.7 ft
SummaryA pacifist skunk who smells mostly of cotton candy and loves hugs, but will quickly defend someone who needs it. Is also very clumsy, and loves to draw, if you want her to draw you, ask her!!!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack with a solid white stripe from her nose to the neck, spreading to two stripes down her back and reconnecting at the end of the tail.
Hair Colour Naturally white hair is kept mostly short and dyed/streaked with random colors often.
Eye ColourLight amethyst, not unnatural-looking.
ClothingDepends on the mood of the day, sometimes very girly, sometimes very not, whatever strikes her fancy that day.
AccessoriesAlways a green anklet with blue and green beads, other than that varying facial and ear piercings.
WeaponryThe usual skunk weapons... huge preference for not using it though.
Special AbilitiesUncanny ability for making people feel better, and making them giggle.
Outstanding FeaturesHuge, floofy, cuddly tail.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery happy, bouncy, and playful, a pacifist completely, avoids confrontation at all costs unless it's to defend someone.
BackgroundA professional photographer by trade, also engaged to my beautiful lesbian ferret, Kaige. Has chronic pain in one leg/hip and part of her back from arthritis and an accident.
LikesHugs, friends, cooking, and cheese.
DislikesMean people, and things that sparkle when they shouldn't.
LocationCurled up somewhere comfy.