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"Dance with me!~"

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKiwi Bella
SpeciesBellossom (Pokemon Plant Humanoid)
Height5'8 (before growth) Around or at 201'8 (after growth)
Weight151 lbs (before growth) Around or at 3403 tons and 68 lbs (after growth)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSmooth dark green skin that's slick yet soft.
Hair ColourStrawberry pinkish red.
Eye ColourBlue "Like the sky on a sunny day"
ClothingOnly a smooth red colored tube top. Yellow and green hula skirt, wrists and anklets, as well as her two bloomed strawberry red colored flowers are apart of her natural anatomy.
WeaponryHer body.
Special AbilitiesBeing a Pokemon Humanoid means she is able to perform superhuman feats no normal person can accomplish, such as running faster, lifting many times her weight, and even healing faster than normal.
Outstanding FeaturesHer curves as well as the extra bounce that her breasts have.

Personality & Background

PersonalityJoyful, all smiles, very polite, apologetic, perky, compassionate, child-like, rarely ever gets angry
BackgroundKiwi grew up on a tropical island along with a garden of other grass pokemon and was raised with much care as an infant. A curious Oddish, who loved to explore and play around in the dark bush. As she grew older she would evolve into a Gloom and start her preteen years, living her childhood filled with danger and adventure as the climate of the islands changed drastically from strange cold winters, to blustery winds that blew away trees. In all of this adventure, Kiwi would soon find her passion for dancing. She'd use the weather as inspiration and what ever she liked around her to think of new dances and graceful steps all the way till she reached her 16th birthday, when she was given a Sun Stone. Evolving and developing even further into a Bellossom. Her body was everything she expected and more as she no longer had clunky spores on her, full breasts that bounced whenever she did and a slender lower figure and big hips for dancing. She's lived the majority of her life alone in a shack near the shore, however she still had friends who resided in the islands deep in the forest. But Kiwi would soon find even more adventure when she is accidentally washed to civilization. (The big city) As well as inspiration everywhere she looked.
LikesDancing, Nurturing herself, Audiences, Islands, Water, Fruit, Juice
DislikesStorms at night, Being sad, Getting angry or angry people, Being hungry for long periods of time
LocationAn unknown Island