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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCora
SpeciesFriesian Horse
Weight216 lbs
SummaryHer jet black fur seems to steal all the light away, save for the rare and brilliant white star right between her eyes. When the light hits her just right, her smooth coat shimmers, reflecting midnight blues and deep crimson reds. Her warm brown eyes invite you in. The mare, though rather large, is a shy, sweet girl. Showcasing her curves quite nicely, she's often found in a pair of well fitting blue jeans and a button down top. Her long mane is left loose, the wavy strands flowing down over her shoulders, just brushing the tops of her supple breasts. Her tail though is a different story, the long tresses tangle easy so she keeps it banded with colored ribbons matching her top. Not one for too much decoration, the mare has a few small silver rings pierced through each ear, the jewelry giving off a subtle jingling sound whenever her ears move. Soft spoken and gentle, the mare enjoys being snuggled and brushed. She's quite the submissive girl, though that's not to say she doesn't get into some of the more...interesting things.