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this is one of my badges from when i was 18 done by www.furaffinity.net/user/misako

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFilut Piek Rasiak III
SpeciesRed fox
Heightvariable from a few inches to a few miles
Weight192 lbs
Summarywell, i guess it'd be important to say that Filut is quite the versatile person, he likes to make peace, love, art, music and he even writes, but he's no math major. he's purely a creative person that has goal to try everything once

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour"boots and gloves" are a dark umber in color, main fur color is orange, belly is white and tail has a large white tail stripe going to the tip of the tail that ends as an arrow
Hair ColourBrown :3
Eye Colourgreen with hazel edges
Clothingo.o it's preferred that he wears none but if he had to i guess it'd be a pair of tripp pants and a net shirt
Accessories6 rings, 3 for each hand. tail ring sometimes
Weaponryerrrr no
Special Abilitiessizeshifting
Outstanding Featuresdepends on what mood he's in ;D

Personality & Background

Personalitypeace keeper
Backgroundwow.... let's not go there
Likescompany, the gothic/emo clothing line, foxies :D, and sexy time
DislikesDrama, slow people, mentally slow people, not being up to par with things, loneliness
LocationSomewhere in Pennsylvania, USA
Occupationfoundry worker

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotegood sir.... those are not tits....

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