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Stereotypical isn't it?

Vital Statistics!

Character NameVixina Marie Rasiak
Speciesstereotypical vixen
Heightvaries from inches to miles
Weighthow dare you ask that!? >:O
Summarywow where to begin, Vixina isn't an incredibly lucky girl really. those breasts must hurt a lot, she can't find bras for them. she's fairly tall and she's got an array of talents that she showcases... oh, thought i was missing something, she's a goddess

Outward Appearance

Hair ColourRed, you know what peppermints look like right? a little darker than that
Eye Colourwhite iris with light purple pupils
ClothingTOGA TOGA TOGA TOGA, but no really, she'll wear a lot of different styles
Accessoriesgold bracelets and a thin gold chain around her neck
Special Abilitiesindeterminate, the goddess has never shown all of her powers
Outstanding Featuresok, look at her face, travel down her neck, you'll see a large crack, STOP

Personality & Background

Personalityshe's probably the kindest woman you'll ever meet, no offense to you other girls :), just get to know her
Backgroundcreated time, there is no background
Likesyummy desserts and foods
Dislikesdoesn't deal with drama, people who roll their eyes and people who are taller than her
Locationermmm.. everywhere

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