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Vital Statistics!

Character NameIshigoto
SummaryHe stands up straight usually with a smirk and s bob in his head as he listens to a tune in his own brain. His short, wavy hair bounced around his neck and over his forehead as he lets his soft arms hang over his moderately flat belly with his fingers idly laced. He doesn't look much of any kind of superman or skinny twink but more like someone who quite likely hits the gym just a couple days of the week but with the fluff of his fur when dry and a diet of bachelor-chow leaves him with a more relaxed but touchable form and just enough plush to keep his muscles humble and one might go far enough to notice a diet of instant ramen and cheerios evidently make an excellent formula to form a finely rounded, but subtle and squeezable pair of glutes. His legs are quite similar, a nice bit of meat on his thighs, leading to strong, toned calves that over, with his smooth arms, stout chest and flat belly he stand with an easy and finely proportioned frame, not too much fat in any one place on his body which he thanks his genes for after every peek in the mirror.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourChocolate colored brown fur
Hair ColourChocolate brown
Eye ColourBrown around the pupil, green at the edges.
ClothingOdds are, if you're just catching him at the grocery store he's either wearing a baggy jacket, possibly a nice snug tanktop that wraps close around his sleek torso and framing his shoulder's instead or just wear it underneath that jacket with a pair of designer basketball shorts. Stylish, sleek, and always comfy cozy, possibly coupled with some designer sandals. Out on the scene he's very bouncy. He wears his hair either prim and in short curls, nearly fluffy to the touch or just slicked straight back. His favorite scene shirt is a dark, faded gray dress shirt, darker pinstripes running down it's length. It fits loose and soft but hangs on each curve of his torso with his sleeves rolled up tight over his elbows, giving him a casual but affirmative look with a pair of snug but far from skinny, black jeans and matching dress shoes.
AccessoriesThat whole ensemble is topped with one of two accessories. He has a few sculpted rings and others with stones set in silver that contrast well with the string of little dark, wooden beads on his wrist, keeping his smooth set in balance.

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