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Source: http://tony64.deviantart.com/art/Create-A-Fursona-v3-Female-102858263

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLarka Transyl
Weight135 pouunds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer ears and tail are white/silver with lavender tips. Her back left leg looks as though it were thoroughly dipped in tar it is so black. She has a black saddle pattern on her back as deep a black as her left back paw. Her fur is always fluffy, as if it were constantly winter.
Hair ColourLarka's hair is naturally curly, but when straightened it just barely brushes her shoulders. Her hair is like her tail and her ears. Silver/white with tips of lavender.
Eye ColourHer eyes are a striking silver on the left and violet on the right.
ClothingLarka is all about seduction and comfort when it comes to her clothing and style. She can usually be found in dark colors: shorts, tank tops, fitted shirts, leather pants, and always boots.
AccessoriesShe must wear glasses, due to her slight near-sightedness, but she does not let them slow her down. She loves to wear collars. The longer and sharper the spikes, the better.
WeaponryHer weapon of choice is a whip of chains. She is very skilled in the art of "turn your back and you're dead".
Outstanding FeaturesShe has a tribal wolf tattoo on her left shoulder. A savage looking scar right between her eyes is the result of a fight with her brother, who she killed.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLarka is a very cautious wolf when it comes to strangers. She is always wary and on high alert. On the other hand, if she knows you, she's very loyal and playful. She's just a puppy who wants to be loved at heart. Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of her and she has no mercy for souls like that. If you have harmed her or the people she cares for, she will have no second thoughts about getting revenge anyway possible. Although she is submissive, she must be dominated constantly because she is very stubborn and wild. The one who has her collared has fought with tooth and claw. They had to fight off competitors as well as her to top her. Once she's been subdued, she is very obedient. She is a wonderful slave to the right master.
Additional InfoShe has a slender yet muscular build and stands on her back feet most of the time. When threatened, she stands on all fours.

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