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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMorgaine
SpeciesNorth American Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
SummaryShapeshifting creature of unknown origins. (NSFW - Explicit content)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSolid black fur, except for her chest, stomach, and...personal area, which are silver. She has a four foot tail that is black with a silver tip.
Hair ColourBlack with pink bangs. Her hair is straight and shoulder length.
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingPrefers not to wear them, but when she does, the baggier the better. She prefers T-shirts and jeans. Due to the size of her feet and their usefulness in climbing, she prefers to go barefoot.
WeaponryMorgaine doesn't like to fight, but when the need for it comes, she uses her own natural weapons (teeth and claws). Her shapeshifting powers have allowed her some options though. In the past, she's used them to make said teeth and claws into steel. She can also make the feathers on her wings razor sharp, and transform her tail into metal to bludgeon enemies behind her.
Special AbilitiesMorgaine is a shapeshifter. She can modify her body in anyway she sees fit. Usually, however, she prefers to stick to changing her age, size, and gender. On occasions, she has used her power to give herself pink feathered wings for flight. She is also pretty good at healing from injuries.
Outstanding FeaturesPhysical Characteristics: Morgaine's body is 6' 9'' (2.1 m) tall with muscles built for running and hunting. She has unusual large hands and feet, with five finger and toes each, respectively. Her feet are plantigrade and shaped like those of a human. They are also semi-prehensile, and she has learned to use her toes to grip small objects like branches (she has impressive climbing abilities). All of her fingers and toes are tipped with short pink non-retracting claws. [Censored - descriptions must be PG-13]

Personality & Background

BackgroundMorgaine claims to be the byproduct of a symbiotic alien life form merging with a wild silver fox (red fox with black/silver color variant), and an unsuspecting human (possibly a camper or park ranger). The newly born bio-weapon attempted world conquest, but gave up after about 5 minutes when she got hungry and stole some camper's beef jerky. Currently she lives in a small apartment, surrounded by humans, using her shapeshifting abilities to blend in, and for her own amusement.
LikesRock music (varies), anime, science fiction, just about anything superhero-related, RPG video games (pref. of the old-school, Final Fantasy style.)
LocationSoutheastern United States

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."