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"Like, how do I look?"

Vital Statistics!

Character NameCherri Sparks
Height5'6 (before growth) 197'6 (Currently)
Weight"Like, I'm not gonna tell you!"
SummaryCherri is THE teenager of the group. Peppy and preppy, she is always filled with spirit and tries to pump up those who are feeling down. However being the youngest and still in her teen years (17 going on 18) she's a walking mass of hormones. Meaning she goes through typical internal problems, as well as mood swings. Now being apart of the giants club, she feels that nothing really has changed, things just feel a bit more heavy, colder and the only downside would be that the high winds usually blow her top off when its loose.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite fur with light blue trims and stripes
Hair ColourLight blue
Eye ColourHazel/Brown
Clothing(Before growth) Green and white cheerleaders attire, green and white shoes (After growth) Makeshift leaf bikini
AccessoriesYellow hair scrunchy
WeaponryNone (Her body currently)
Special AbilitiesBeing a Pokemon Humanoid means she is able to perform superhuman feats no normal person can accomplish, such as running faster, lifting many times her weight. She is also able to generate and fire numerous volts of electricity from her cheeks as well as channel it throughout her body.
Outstanding FeaturesHer yellow electric cheeks and her smile

Personality & Background

PersonalityPreppy, emotional, spirited, hyper, talkative, excitable, loud
BackgroundCherri was a cheerleader for her senior high school team, getting ready to go to college and cheer for new home football team. Taking a vacation to the Bahamas for spring break with her friends, something goes wrong and she is left unconscious, stranded on an island with both her plane and friends nowhere to be found. All alone, the preppy diva had no idea how to survive in the wild until she let things con naturally. Cheerleading allowed her to use many things for support and balance and helped her greatly when traveling: She wa slike a modern day jungle girl. Things looked normal until she stumbled upon an oasis. It beared fruit and the greenary seemed to get bigger and bigger the further she traveled. Feeding her appetite, she dug into the tasty fruit which in return made her begin to slowly see eye to eye with the bigger trees, but those trees got smaller, and the trees after got smaller and so on. Things weren't shrinking, Cherri grew and grew and grew! her clothes stood no chance and she was now a titan among the environment. At first Cherri was scared stiff and didn't move from that spot for hours, but then she began to look around, smell around. Things seemed so different from up there and she slowly began to enjoy her new look on the world. It was basically the same, except she was 40x bigger. Creating a make shift bikini out of the larger leaves, Cherri began to get comfy, because there was no sign of life, or no sign of rescue: even so, how would they save her now at that size? She settled in and made the best of things until she could figure something out.
LikesCheerleading, Trendy clothes, shopping, gossip, conversations, the hottest things on the market and media
Dislikes"Men that don't fit her standards.", being alone, quiet places, thing's she's never seen of heard of
LocationAn unknown island
OccupationCheerleader (Currently unemployed)
Additional Info"Like it's pronounced Shar- e. You know, like, Cher? Call me Cherry and you'll get the shock of you life."

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Like if you worry about the future, you'll get grey hairs today."