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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKiller Dragon
Height5' 3"

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack with red stripes, his fore paws retain somewhat of a lighter red, while his hindpaws resemble a darker shade of red, A sort of unique stripe pattern aswell.
Hair ColourRed Headfur, He has a large furry mane, along with having muzzle fur, not covering his whole muzzle, mostly the top of the muzzle, not on the lower-jaw. Same as the Headfur And mane In Coloring.
Eye ColourBlue to Red
ClothingI Wear a variety of clothing, just ask when im on!
AccessoriesWristbands, etc
WeaponryLong Carbon-Fiber/Titanium Based Katana/Sword; 2 Carbon-Fiber/Titanium Based Machete's; 6" Carbon-Fiber Combat Knife; Wrist-Hidden Titanium Dagger
Special AbilitiesSEX
Outstanding FeaturesHe has 1' Long Solid Platinum Horns, they do not get in the way, the way they are positioned on his head, going out of his headfur and just behind his ears; His ears are sort of a light grey, with redish black spots, they are medium-large, and can be moved E.X.: Flattened to head, Ear Twitch, Ear Perk, Etc; Tail is very long, his anaconda side gives him it, it is very highly apposable, and can be moved/swayed/flicked in any motion desired; He does have large Raptor Claws On his hindpaws; Also! having fur on his hind-thighs and forearms... It being bright red-ish fur.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCute, Kind, Femmyboi, Mean at times, depressed usually
LocationSurprise, Arizona - Char. Loc. He lives in his shoreside house/villa, has a large pool/spa multiple buildings on his property that he owns.

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