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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTornado
SpeciesMechanical Coyote - Scout class
HeightTwo-hundred-fifty feet

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFaded orange with silver and white highlights, and faded white "gloves" over her hands and footpaws. On her right cheek is an emblem dipicting a scene of a canyon at twilight. The east a deep blue, the stars peering out through the blanket of clouds, and along the west is the fading light of the day.
Eye ColourBright, vibrant yellow.
WeaponryA light, right arm mounted dual barrel machine gun, and various ECM. Unlike the other units Thunder and Typhoon, she's rated for CQC, making heavy use of her legs, feet, fangs, and claws.
Special AbilitiesAble to restore ammuntion levels and also make major repair work to herself through consumption of materials. Unlike the other units, Tornado comes with a cloaking feature, forcing all light to curve around her, which she uses for most of her encounters.
Outstanding FeaturesDespite her size, she is quite lithe and agile.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDistant, Tornado is rather quiet, which suits her well as a scout. Despite her calm demeanor, she can be quite malignant.
BackgroundWell ahead of the fleet, Tornado was the first combat-unit to come to Earth, slipping in unnoticed. She only recently came out of hiding, engaging whoever she runs across.
LikesSurveying, utilizing every resource she can find, navigating cities, picking off targets one at time, abducting organics to play with, and running free.
DislikesGetting shot at close range with heavy ordinance, armor that she can't pierce, loose terrain, and hail.
LocationLast seen Death Valley, presumed to be heading far north.
Additional InfoIt isn't known who the artist was that adorned Tornado with her emblem.