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Ticky (Drawn by Kurrel the Raven)
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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTicky Draconia
SpeciesCheetah-Spotted Dracat (informal; Dra
Age18 (As at mid-2009 Earth time)
HeightApprox. 5'7"
SummaryTicky is a male, orange, cheetah-spotted dracat. Apart from his slightly draconic facial structure, the only particularly obvious sign of his dragon genes is his tail, which is thick, scaled on top, and furry on the underside, retaining the cheetah pattern on the scales a little way along.

This profile details his default anthropomorphic (Bipedal, Digitigrade) form.

A full list of pictures of Ticky can be found here.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShort, darkish orange fur, with black spots which run down his back, and run a few inches down his tail's scales.

Chest and belly fur is lighter, the lighter fur running down through to his tail's fuzzy underside.
Hair ColourShort, rather messy black hair.
Eye ColourDark brown. Each eye has four small eyebrow spikes above it.
ClothingUsually wears dark grey camo cargo pants and a random, usually witty in some way, tee.
  • Bag
    A dark gray messenger bag.
    • Matter-Fold bag - Contents can be larger than the bag itself.
    • Contains:
      • Laptop
        Ticky's trusty laptop. He pretty much never goes anywhere without it.
      • Potions
        A particular fascination of Ticky's, potions are something he collects whenever he gets the opportunity. Generally with great disregard for their specific function. He prefers to use potions to try out new forms, as they are a great deal less exhausting than relying on his own shapeshift capabilities.
      • Various other trinkets and gadgets
        Veteran of many trans-dimensional trips and adventures, Ticky's got a vast selection of interesting and neat gadgets he's picked up along the way, all stashed neatly within reach in his bag.
WeaponryDislikes conflict in all forms, Carries no weaponry. Will resort to using his claws if the issue is forced, but isn't particularly adept at combat.
Special Abilities
  • Shapeshift
    Ticky has several forms which are "memorized" and thus far less costly to transform into than any other forms. These forms are mostly variations on his default form, including:
    • Housecat-sized non-anthro form
    • Winged Dracat form
    • Dracattaur form*
    Also, changes in pattern or coloration are very easy to do, and Ticky will do so sometimes depending on his mood.
    The shapeshift capability can also be applied to other beings, but physical contact is necessary. The greater surface area in contact, the more efficient the shapeshift will be.

  • Heat transfer
    A rather odd, but useful ability he discovered partially by accident. Not much is known about how it works, but apparently relying upon his shapeshift capability, he can emit thermal energy through his fur. Great for cold nights, snuggling or just generally showing off.
    When doing this his fur glows orange, the intensity of the glow dependent on the temperature.

  • Fire breathing
    A pretty generic trait picked up from his dragon heritage, Ticky can in fact breathe fire from either his mouth or nostrils.
    One small problem with this is that doing so will at least singe a decent patch of his facial fur, for this reason, he generally avoids using it. Doing so via nostrils is less dangerous, but, obviously, produces smaller quantities of flame, and is thus somewhat less effective in practice, too.
* Due to limitations of the shapeshift capabilities, lacking external influences, this form is approximately 4' tall. Creating matter is a lot of work. And I mean a LOT of work.
Outstanding FeaturesFacial structure is slightly dragon-like in nature.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBit of a shy guy, but is happy to talk, and a good listener.
Background[Research in progress...]
LocationPerth, Australia

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