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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGibson X
SpeciesAutonomous Robot ( Giant Mech! )
AgeLess than a year in service
Weight477 Short Tons ( 0.477 Kilotons )
SummarySpecial order unit by Xipher, one of a kind due to the many additions this unit was manufactured with that are not associated with this style and model of mech. Many of the ordered changes and additions to this model require a very open mind, be warned.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite, Red, Blue, Gold, Green
Eye ColourLuminous Green
ClothingThe 6 plates, up front, to the back, and sides of each leg from the waist could be considered something of a loin cloth, but it doesn't cover the general front and back areas.
WeaponrySurprisingly, None!
Special AbilitiesA few that could very well be called that.
Outstanding FeaturesBig black padding in two segments under its feet, and being the eccentric footfan its "owner" is, those feet also smell like big feet should. There are a few outstanding features that you would just have to ask about. Its a giant walking talking sentient robot that weighs in at nearly half a kiloton, it /is/ an outstanding feature.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCute, cheeky, bemused. So long as you don't act like an ass, this bot is likely to be exceptionally nice, cracking little jokes here and there, very agreeable and fun if your willing to accept it!
BackgroundCustom ordered giant sentient mech for Xipher
LikesSeeing as who ordered it... It likes to smash things, step on cars, walk through buildings and generally break things when people tell it to!
DislikesNot much really, but being treated as a lowly little servant can be annoying, of course if Xipher is around sie'd put a quick stop to that though, its far more than a lowly servant!
LocationHanger next to Xipher's house most of the time.
OccupationToy, a very BIG toy for Xipher with a mind of its own..
Additional InfoIf you've seen a gundam, you can likely imagine what this massive bot looks like, think wing zero without the silly frilly wings and things ;)