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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCoilette Farcry
Height6ft 5in
WeightWill it make you love me less if I told you?
SummaryA tall Lucario that travels all over the regions of the Pokemon World. Even though she is 6ft 5in tall alot of the trainers still try to capture her just for their own selfish needs the only trainer she has ever respected was the Gym Leader Maylene who has a Lucario in her pokemon squad. She would've join her if it had not been for the the fact she had a Lucario already. Se does wish for a Pokemon master on occasion to spen time with but does tend to enjoy her Freedom.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFace is a Turquoise color with fur around eyes is Black as well as the tips of her ears, Body is Turquoise with black handpaws, legs are Turquoise with oversized black footpaws
Hair ColourBlood Red with black tips
Eye ColourNavy Blue
ClothingPeach Tanktop, and a pair of emerald green jeans just barely making it to her ankles and wears pink sandels
Accessoriesneck chain
WeaponryHer Pokemon powers: Iron Tail Aura Ball Aura Shield Hi Jump Kick
Special Abilitiescan change size
Outstanding Featuresoversized paws, with a tiny bit of a bustline about a small C cup

Personality & Background

Personalityplayful as well as tough
BackgroundTraveling pokemon trying to see the world but hates to leave her friends
Likesmany things
Dislikesmany things
LocationHome is in Mt Pyre after Team Aqua's defeat