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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDeck
SummaryA coyote soldier from the same time as Brackish and Victory... though he is much more technologically oriented

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourrusty grey along his body, his middle down from his under muzzle to between his legs is much lighter.. His tail also ends in a dirty white tip
Hair Colouraside from fluff, he has none
Eye Colourhazel
ClothingHe Wears a dingy pair of black jean shorts, held up by black belt. Two intersecting belts run around his shoulders, both black and meet in the center of his chest, the back part holding the sh
AccessoriesA vitality monitor running along his left arm, a simple neural network of color changing dots connected by lines that is easily visible through the short fur of his arm
WeaponryAn Arc Bow - which is 'simply' a crossbow that combines magnetic and electrical tech, firing a bolt at a preset velocity, from armor piercing, to slow enough to stick in an organic target, the bolt itself has two special properties, the first being that it carries a current roughly equivalent to around 2 average lightning strikes ||| The second being a stong magnetic singularity field, strong enough to draw in even the trace metals found in an organic skeleton, drawing them in like a deadly black hole... literally ripping a targets skeleton out, though its main purpose is to be anti-tank, the rest was found out on accident ||| Sunblade(same as Brackish's katana, blue glowing edge of the blade, insanely high temperature, cut through just aboutanything) ||| Magnetic Alteration Glove - which allows him to alter magnetic fields, allowing him to perform some rather awkward tasks.. making metal object push themselves apart, or implode themselves... ripping the infrastructure out of a building etc.. (This is also the only weapon that size shifts with him usually.
Special AbilitiesSize shifting, gender shifting though it is painful and feral form shift
Outstanding Features... Ability to blow stuff up... Aswell as having an inherent aggressiveness towards foxes

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe has a distinct hatred of wolves, and dogs though he tolerates them here... He is generally calm and laid back, though getting him angry isn't quite that hard.
Background(wrote it.. got an error.. all got erased. mabye I'l rewrite it some day)
LikesEating, target practice, melting people with his arc bow, making metal bend itself, and taking his anger out on things he doesn't classify as friends
DislikesFoxes (He's likely to fire on sight)
Additional InfoThe rainbow

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Whooos next?"