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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHunter
SpeciesCarmine wolf
Height5ft 10in
SummaryMy main fursona. same height, weight, build, personality etc. etc. as me. but obviously, I'm not an anthropomorphic blood-red wolf that prjects fire Roy Mustang Stlye... though that would be pretty cool.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBright red pelt with a dark grey underside. no socks or gloves. the muzzle is dark grey under the eyes and on the throat. Bridge of muzzle is red. darker red fur surrounds the eyes making them appear shadowed. Two dark grey spots sit on the brow above each eye, and the inner ears are dark grey also.
Hair Coloursame red as the fur
Eye ColourYellow-orange
Clothinglikes black or dark coloured buttoned shirts. Always has sleeves rolled up on them and most of the time with hoodies and jackets too. either wears black or light grey jeans that are tattered and baggy, or brown cargo pants that are just as loose.
Accessoriesusually none. iPod occationally, with small earbuds.
Weaponrysharp, bony tail head at the end of a powerful tail, and an exceptionally strong bite. Jaw muscles are very developed, and with a second set of inverted canines set further back in the mouth, he and his species can bite through almost anything that they can fit between their jaws.
Special AbilitiesThe species has flame resistant fur. When it rubs together it creates intense heat which is stored within the folicles and can be expelled as fire with proper training. Hunter can form fireballs by snapping his fingers, or appear to breathe fire by shooting the fireball from the fur on his muzzle. Carmines' skin however is not flame resistant and burns heal very slowly, so Hunter's "fire breathing" greatly risks burning his mouth and tounge.
Outstanding FeaturesHunter's pupils are very dilated which gives him good night vision. However, living high up in the snowy mountains this prevents him from going outside most of the daytime since the snow is way too bright. oh yeah, the big mohawk too.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIntelligent and well spoken. His knowledge left him cynical and rather blunt with his wit, and he's never afraid to speak his mind. At times he can be childish and cunning; he annoys people for the sake of it, in which case he has the arrogance to assume that the receiver knows he's joking... which is rather hopeful. although cynical, he does show a little optimism and enjoys his laidback lifestyle. as long as he has something nice to eat, he's happy.
BackgroundMy head.