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I made this image. I need to create a better one but so far is complete.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAniki Yukame
Height14 ft when talking to normal furs but can get as big as his mind desires.
WeightQuite heavy
SummaryI like growth in pretty much any form, growing whenever I can. I enjoy a lot being big and playing with the lovely micros. I also enjoy being the little one and watching others grow from time to time and finally I like to protect the people dear to me.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCopper, slightly orange, Part of the chest is white due to a birth mark. Paws are a brownish color.
Hair ColourBrownish
Eye ColourBrown with a shade of honey.
ClothingSome denim shorts with good ventilation. (This is to avoid overheating due to the fur) A denim vest with a loose fit. (for the same reasons stated above)
AccessoriesA murano millefiori pendant on his neck. (He is, only if he is wearing it.)
WeaponryHis knowledge, his size changing ability and his strength are a really powerful combination.
Special AbilitiesCan change his size and strength at will. Currently he hasn't found a limit to this.
Outstanding FeaturesA really strong and buff fox with a love of always getting bigger and stronger.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySomewhat outgoing, but kind and playful. Mostly a silly foxy that sometimes he tends to be childish but can get really serious if the situation needs it.
BackgroundA fox who always had the ability to grow by himself. His infancy was a bit interesting due to that fact. He has been interacting with people of many cultures throughout the time. He developed a like and tolerance for almost everyone everywhere. He likes to see people keeping along with everybody but he also understands that this is not always possible.
LikesMaking friends, having a good chat, sizeplay, growing to gigantic sizes, enjoying life, eating fish, cuddling with others, protecting anybody who is dear to me, reading Classical music (or anything fast paced), travelling (to any place on this earth), drawing and coloring, video games, horror movies and tomboy girls <3
DislikesBeing alone without cause, hypocrites, eyeballs, being protected(a little of self sufficient complex),People screaming at each other (I hate this one so much), Children (Yuck), Jihadists (no matter what religion) and people who believe they are perfect.
LocationAny place where he can have fun.
OccupationStudent, jack of many, many trades.
Additional InfoLikes to be a big fox and keep getting bigger.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIt doesnt matter how long you live as long as you live happy.