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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZeebie
SpeciesTherianthropy Zebranoid
Age22 ?
SummaryA bit of mystery surrounds Zeebie, As his mother was Zeba a full blooded zebra, and his father a common mystery was only known by the name Drac Metamor. Zeebies uniqueness comes certainly from his fathers side, but personality from his mother, which by legend is probably a very good thing. Zeebie coat shines, as the blue and whites stripes ripple across his body, making him seem like an odd coloured zebra but something much more special.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGlistening Short Haired Coat
Hair ColourLight Blue and White Stripes
Eye ColourBeing unique enough as it he is, Zeebies left eye is a emerald green while the other (right) being a deep sapphire blue.
WeaponryUnknown, as Zeebie has never willingly been caught in combat.
Special AbilitiesWhile the magical ability have not been pushed to its unknown limit, the effects have a rather unusual toll on Zeebie physically and mentality. Staining the mind as well as the body the stress causes Zeebies blue strips fade white, and then the whole body fades gray then continues to get darker, How dark? no body knows, as Zeebie hasn't pushed much past grey in the fear of dying with exhaustion. Commonly used acts are transportation via exploding into confetti and creating optical illusions, Zeebie has also been known on rare occasions to change ghosts back into their physical form.
Outstanding FeaturesUnlike normal Zebras, Zeebie only has two hooves the other two are more human/clawed shaped allowing him use appose able thumbs to grab and hold items. This also allows him to walk like and stand as a human would when the occasion fits.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, even a bit silly, loving and caring.
LocationRoaming Victoria, Australia
OccupationLevel 1 Technical Support.

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