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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRaptorion
Height6 ft 2
SummaryA tribal dingo originating from the northen territory, australia

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange/Reddish fur, with a white underbelly. No unusual markings.
Hair ColourIf hair's decided to be not shaven, it's a black color
Eye ColourChanges, from blue, to a green.
ClothingAlways shirtless, known to just wear pants around, and less around his closer friends, unless they're uncomfortable.
WeaponryNo weaponry, uses words to sort problems
Special AbilitiesNanites, given to him by muskie, and has been altering them over time. Allows to shapeshift, etc, but relies heavily on the glucose system, meaning that alot of sugar is needed to power the nanites.

Personality & Background

Personality(This was taken from a survey of a small group of friends) Caring, smart, friendly, open, accepting. Hard to make angry, but when he gets angry, he explodes. Yiffy, naive, loving, carefree at times, too involved at others. Phillisophical. Cares extremely deep for what he needs to, that being friends, and family, and ignores what he doesn't need to. Tends to be exploitable from his naiveness...
BackgroundOriginating from a tribe dating back further then the aboriginals, he is one of the very few remaining of his tribe. Was brought up to have the morals and values of the tribe, things like respect, and empathy, and not using violence at all. He left the tribe to seek out better things in life, like all tribe members do when they hit 16. They then return, when they have done something worthy of returning. He is currently in the process of looking for acceptance among the tribe...
LocationMelbourne, Victoria

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