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Patrio in one of his more Formal outfits

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePatrio Sven Graysmark
SpeciesAnthro Wolf
AgeMid 20
Height6 foot - 2 inches ( about 180cm )
Weight110kg [ 242lbs ]
SummaryA Ronin Blue wolf with a simple outlook on things Patrio likes to think himself as 'that guy' that people can rely on in need loyal to friends and forgiving to enemies, Patrio enjoys Balance and stability

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPatrio's fur is a dark navy blue colour except his chest and lower half of his muzzle which is a lighter blue, the fur itself is a fine fluff and reasonably short
Hair ColourPatrio's hair is Cyan in colour, and has a tied-back pony-tail reaching to just above his tail, the tie itself is a pair of dark grey metal rings. the front of his hair are clumped bangs which curl and extend to just below eye level, typically seven bangs are formed
Eye ColourPatrios eyes are a very light blue, bordering on cyan in colour
ClothingPrefering long pants excluding jeans Patrio normally favors Cargo pants of a plain colour or when the occasion calls, Slacks which tend to be loose enough to cover his heels. Patio prefer's collared Polo shirts for general day-to-day wear but can normally be seen in a black tee with a white hand-print in the middle, this is normally worn with a white under-shirt which extends to his wrists
AccessoriesPatrio has three dark silver band rings peircing his right ear which represent his three life truths, when outdoors he wears a pair of small sunglasses near the tip of his nose, He also owns a tribal flame band ring but rarely wears it and a computer manacle which acts much like a PDA functionality wise. Patrio is also normally seen wearing either a blue or black leather collar with a bone-shaped tag bearing his name hanging from it.
WeaponryPatrio is skilled with a samurai sword and his blade could be described as something like a cross between a plasma sword and a light sabre, the edge is an electron feild with the cutting power of a light sabre but with an appearence of a plasma swords blue hue and the shape of a katana. While not partial to the use of fire arms Patrio does prefer to weild a P90 SMG and a fiVe-seVen Pistol. Patrio is proficiant with explosives such as det-packs and shaped charges
Special AbilitiesPatrio has the ability to move at an un-naturally fast pace, while he may appear to teleport he is infact running faster than what even a high-speed camera can record at, let alone the human eye. when this speed is combined with basic martial arts his hand-to-hand power is magnified, Patrio also has a mastery of elements, prefering fire, electricity with a dislike of water, he is able to conjure, shape, mix and project elemental forms ( from sold crystal boxing gloves to flash-back flames and air-pocket sonic booms. His chi is dependent on his mood but with rage or desperation he is able to draw on an almost infinite supply of energy from within
Outstanding FeaturesPatrio is of average build without being muscular or obese, his appearence belies his actual weight or speed, on his back, visible through his fur is a tribal-like wolf's head tattoo.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMostly light hearted Patrio is normally quick to make a joke or join in on a story, He is cautious to those he doe's not know but welcomes friends with open arms. A sense of justice and equality flow strongly through his mind as he tries to avoid agression
BackgroundBeleived to of been a result of genetic experimentation Patrio knows little of his history before his childhood with 'the corp' a faceless corperation of uncertain aspirations. Having escaped Patrio roams in search of purpose in life and tries to avoid the corps attempts to 'bring him back'
LikesPatrio is extremely fond of Cola's and most types of junk foods, Prefering simple meals he finds 'upper class' dining is disgusting and unfufilling. Patrio has a broad love of most things automotive and enjoys tinkering with near on anything electronic or mechanical in nature
DislikesPatrio detests arrogence in any form and has a dislike for most foods considered 'healthy' despite his agility Patrio does not enjoy walking normally as he feels it's too slow for his liking. Patrio does not enjoy aggession under any circumstance.
LocationCommonly roaming anywhere within the earth Patrio is able to eaisly run from one end of a given area to another faster than most methods of transport, Currently resides around Perth, Western Australia
OccupationPatrio was raised as a covert operations agent with many related skills but tends to find himself working a menial Technical Support job to broaden his knowledge in the field of troubleshooting
Additional InfoThe best way to approach Patrio is with a honest tone and clear dialouge, he is approchable but tends to be strong willed

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteFortune may favor the brave, But Darwin favors the reckless.

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