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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJericho
Agemid 20
SummaryJericho, the silver and gray monochome shape/size shifting ocelot/taur. Blue eyes, ear and tail tips

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStandard ocelot patterns, just a silver, gray, and black monochrome scheme, save his ear and tail tips, which are a bright blue
Hair Colourmid length black hair, starting to gray a bit at the temples
Eye Colourbright blue, to match his ears and tail, still peering over the same pair of battered glasses
Clothinga simple navy blue hoody given to him by a friend.
Accessoriesa pair of soft leather saddle bags, and an underarm holster with a Jericho 941 pistol that he gets his namesake from being extremely proficient with, as well as a pair of H&K MP5K sub machine guns strapped near his lower back.
Weaponrya single jericho 941 .41AE pistol, with one mag in, two spare, and a pair of MP5K submachine gunes, one mag in each, 5 spare each.
Special Abilitiessize and shape shifting.
Outstanding Featuresnone really, fairly average looking.

Personality & Background

Personalitymild mannered and loving, a rather nice change. has been trying to mellow out and calm down.
Backgroundafter a rather rough start to things, working with an egotistical asshole of a dracat, he found the ocelotaur better suited to his friends and lovers, so kept it.
Likeschakats, fennectaurs, skunks, ocelots.
Additional Infoask me!

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