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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLikiy
SpeciesCrossbreed Long-Eared and Four-Toed Jerboa!
Height136 cm (four foot five)
Weight48 kg (106 pounds)
SummaryFluffy wild black hair tipped in white reaching to her shoulders barely, massive long ears like those of a rabbit mixed with a mouse poke out, mobile. Large black eyes, no visible pupil or sclera (whites), just all black, deep and fathomless, almost alien. Mouse-like face with a broad ready smile. Her body is slender, lithe, tight, with a flat tight tummy and lithe arms, modest maybe B-cup boobs. Shaggy soft tan and white fur. Wide hips and heavy heavy legs, though, and big big mouse-like feet. Small black claws on hands and feet. A tail longer than she is with a long, fluffy black and white tuft at the end.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSand-tan across most of her body with white underbelly
Hair ColourBlack with white tips, short and shaggy
Eye ColourDark fathomless black
ClothingLikiy wears a army-green baby-doll sleeveless T-shirt and dark brown knee-length baggy shorts with lots of pockets.
WeaponryNone. Likiy doesn't know how to fight, either.
Special AbilitiesCan jump 13 meters in a long bounding jump, or jump 12 meters high.

Excellent nightvision, sense of smell, and sense of vibration.

Insanely keen hearing, better than dogs, can hear ultrasound easy.

Can dig. Really really well.
Outstanding FeaturesLong long ears and soft fluffy fur. Can jump insanely (because that's what Jerboas do, they jump. And jump!)

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, affable, pleasant.
LocationHere? Anywhere? I mean, you're talking to me, right?
Additional InfoName is pronounced "Leaky"