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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZulia
GenderVaries; see summary
AgeLooks like 20-something
HeightVaries; see summary
Weight140-290 lbs
SummaryGender-shifting jaguar of the standard spotted coloration/variety, is a female by default unless otherwise stated. Can change the size of her attributes (breasts, and penis when of the applicable gender), [Censored - Descriptions must be PG-13]. As far as "gender" she can be: male or female; male herm or female herm; [Censored - Descriptions must be PG-13]boy or shemale; and finally genderless. She can also alter her height as needed, from 5'4" tall to 9'8" tall, and is 6'1" by default.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStandard yellow/white with black spots
Hair ColourBrown and it goes to her shoulders
Eye ColourGreeeeen
ClothingBlue jeans and a white tubetop, generally. A plain white tee when in a masculine form.
WeaponryClaws and teeth mainly, otherwise none. this is subject to change soon though
Special AbilitiesNone, unless being feline and having a [Censored - Descriptions must be PG-13] counts. And the gendershifting thing.