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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArenitha
SpeciesGoo being
HeightVaries; 25 feet long by default
Weighta constant 500lbs
SummaryWas created in a lab 3 years ago by a most famous mad scientist raptoress. If you don't know who I'm talking about, shame on you. Anyway, was created to be a synthetic, but sentient being, a living sex toy, more or less. As such, she does not feel anything like pleasure, pain, or ANYTHING at all. Can see, and hear, but that's about the only senses she possesses. As such, she has more or less infinite stamina, and won't succumb to the normal fallacies of the flesh when pleasuring others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assumes the shape of a female naga by default, but can turn into anything of any size (within reason, meaning as big as however many cubic ounces there are in a 25' naga being). Cannot feel any pleasure (lacks brain/nerves/etc.) so presumably was created as a living machine of pleasure. She can take on the smell and taste of anything she chooses to take within herself. Can also shift her form into perfect copies of others, almost. Small beings would require her to have either an exceedingly long tail or something to that effect to compensate for the large mass of goo that makes her up.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCompletely clear/see-through, like glass. If she were to hold perfectly still you'd think it a statue made of crystal.
Hair ColourSame as previous
Eye Coloursame as previous
Clothingnone, but can assume a shape that gives the illusion of such
Accessoriessee previous
WeaponryCan form into other things that would be capable of defending themselves, examples being humanoid beings with arms that are a weapon (i.e. sword, spiky maces, all that jazz), or things like tigers and animals of that nature. Since she can change her malleability (how hard or how soft/gooey), she can be as hard as diamond or as liquid as water.
Special AbilitiesLiving sentient goo, 'nuff said :P
Outstanding Featuressee previous